Cloacal malformations: experience with 105 cases.


A personal experience with 105 cloacal malformations is described, showing the wide range of anatomy that can occur with the urogenital sinus, the vagina(s), and the rectum, as well as in the external features of the perineum. Follow-up is presented on 98 patients, excluding 4 who died preoperatively, 2 who are preoperative, and 1 lost to follow-up but never repaired. Fifty-seven patients had vesicoureteral reflux. Data are given on urinary control, bowel control, and sexual function for those who are now adults. Two have had babies. Operation often requires multiple positions, including the posterior sagittal approach, laparotomy, and lithotomy position. Isolated rectal pull-through should never be performed in these patients, because the urogenital aspects of the malformations are the most difficult to repair and are the most life-threatening to the patient. Six recent cases are presented to illustrate the breadth of the cloacal spectrum. In most of these patients a satisfactory functional result can be achieved for urinary and bowel control as well as sexual function.


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